“I am Catherine Burke: the VICTIM of a Violent (BLACK ON WHITE) HATE Crime & the mother of a MURDERED Child! The killer came in our home to kill my ‘inferior’ (white) family stabbing my daughter 9 times! Now, because he can contact OTHER BLACK SUPREMACISTS who can come to kill us, it could all happen again!”

His attack started a landslide upon our lives, that has left us upside down and backwards and inside out! We here, at this site, all know what an impossible task it is to live beyond murder! For our family? – We can never unbury ourselves from the rubble!” – Catherine Burke ” Now, because he can contact OTHER BLACK SUPREMACISTS  (Black Foot Soldiers) who can come to kill us, it could all happen again!”

What is the National Black Foot Soldier Network?

December 21, 2011
fodas-MADControversial California Black Foot Soldier Augustus Dubois is reportedly calling the stabbing death of an eighteen year old reparations offender from a family of generational race criminals yet another act of the Divine Universal Race Karma Caucasus mountain descendants face for their unrestituted for skin color based terrorism against the earth’s people of color. The teen, Saskia Burke, was allegedly stabbed multiple times by William Gary Simpson Jr. – an African American foster child her family had taken in but reportedly kicked out of their home over a year ago.  “Saskia’s mother’s tears are hypocritical & empty.  For this is what her morally depraved forefathers purchased for her,” Cali Black Foot Soldier Augustus Dubois; Cali Penitentiary Islam Elders:  Brother Simpson called by God to fulfill vengeance against family’s hypocrisy.”

fosad-s1s-aaaaaKyleigh Crane and Saskia Burke Deserved It!
Saturday, December 24, 2011
7 Year Old Kyleigh Crane & 18-year-old Saskia Burke: Did They Deserve It? According to Universal Race Karma, Not Only Yes, But (Perhaps) More; The Laws of Divine Universal Race Karma & The White Man: What If God Wants to Use You to Fulfill His Vengeance Against a Devil?

“All whites deserve to experience the loss they experienced. Somebody remind these desolate demons called whites that this is what their forefathers would have us do unto them.”
–   Elijah Ahmadinedad

Our 18 year old daughter Saskia was viciously, violently stabbed to death here in our home December 20, 2011 by William Gary Simpson! Simpson grew up as a friend of our son’s, a friend of our family – we’d known him over 10 years! What we didn’t know until after his attack, is that he was raised by a black supremacist!


80 thoughts on ““I am Catherine Burke: the VICTIM of a Violent (BLACK ON WHITE) HATE Crime & the mother of a MURDERED Child! The killer came in our home to kill my ‘inferior’ (white) family stabbing my daughter 9 times! Now, because he can contact OTHER BLACK SUPREMACISTS who can come to kill us, it could all happen again!”

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  2. It doesn’t MATTER if a negro is a proponent of “black supremacy” or any other ideology. History shows that negroes are violent savages that are a menace to White people.

    • I’ll say the obvious: nigs are not human. Look up “beasts of the field.” You raised a wild animal with your family just to be “politically correct?” You suck as a mother.

  3. Black supremacy is far more prevalent than White supremacy and more focus is spent on combating White supremacy. Such racial double standards need to be addressed.

      • I’m sorry it had to come to this 😦
        I wish more people could open their eyes & understand what social incompatibility really means. I’m so sorry for your loss, your daughter was a beautiful young woman. I carry these & so many others in my – heavy heart – everyday.

      • You and all Whites have been subjected to an unprecedented and relentless, vicious, merciless psy opps campaign, that operates 24/7. via the Jew owned media, and the complete penetration of EVERY White institution. It IS a conspiracy – it’s simply operating in the wide open, now.

        1) It’s a racial competition for turf strategy ,designed and implemented by the most dedicated, and remorseless racists EVER – Jewry – to get the White Race to suicide ourselves.

        I know it sounds insane – but it’s been at work for decades – centuries, really – and you can read up on your own. The evidence is all around. You are about to climb a very high Learning Curve. You’ll get there. Start climbing. That which is “seen” cannot be “unseen”. This hideous murder has prised your eyes wide open.

        Start reading up oon the Frankfurt School. The creatures that created Cultural Marixism. Their stated goal was to destroy the West. Aka White Christian world. Their every plank is in place. They’ve been wildly successful in getting us to destory ourselves. Hitler tossed them out of Frankfurt Germany. Alas – he did not throw the Jew Devils into an oven. Karl Maarx, fyi was one of the Tribe.

        2) Negroes are the blunt weapon of genocide used BY Jews against the White Race. The Communist Uber Devil Trotsky aka Lev Bronstein Jew Devil specifically told his American Fellow Travelers to revruit Negroes into Communism, due to their emotionalism, low intelligence, and propensity for violence. FYI – Jews brought Black Africans into Israel, to serve as their slave labor, and the Black Beasts began to do what they do – which is asault, rape rape rape, steal, and kill. Israeli Jews have rioted, and are rounding up their African de facto slaves into concentration camps, and are hurlng them OUT faster than they borught them in. You haven’t heard a word about this, have you….hmmm….

        3) The Klan was right all along.

        4) ALWAYS look for the Jew, at the bottom of anything event that seems crazy, destructive, and socially poisonous. They are always there. A verity of White Racialism is “The Black is the symptom – the jew is the disease”. They’ve been parasiting and attakcng other Races for centuries.

        Seek and ye shall find.

        • “Negroes are the blunt weapon of genocide used by the Jews against Whites”. Precisely so, but not only via direct violence. Look at all the Mudshark propaganda in the Jew MSM, all aimed at getting White girls to f**k with Congoids and drop black brats instead of White Children. The Klum Syndrome.

  4. When did it become okay to allow black males anywhere near white women? This was once unthinkable. It is not even imaginable that a white family with a beautiful young daughter would socialize with any black. The outcome was foregone from the beginning.

    How did whites become so stupid and defective that they are not able to protect their beautiful children? Unbelieveable.

    • Another intelligently worded screed.

      forourdaughtersandsons, I would advise that some of these people’s comments be erased, before this situation is reversed.

      Sticks and honey, people. Use your brains. This family is suffering. Get off your keyboard and be a human.

      • Attacking the parents is pretty distasteful i would agree but the posters pointing out the people responsible for this murder along with basically every problem our society faces are actually showing more interest and helping more than the ones saying “sorry for your loss”. European Americans need to wake up and understand that “change” will not occur until the White middle class has there political power crippled. All White countries are being flooded with non-Europeans to the point by 2060 most states will have somewhere around 7-10% Whites and it’ll be worst for the rest of the world. A country like ours doesn’t just come out of nowhere it was created and maintained by White Europeans blood, sweat and tears. How will White countries continue to be first world rich countries without the people that created and maintained it? Every non-White country besides some Asian countries are third world hellholes and the Asian ones for the most part have no freedom. A nation of minorities will turn this country into the nations they came from. The way we live is a White European way of life that will end with White Europeans. Also i would like to point out those 3rd world nations that we help from starving and being even worst will suffer just as much as White nations will when the White Europeans become to few. Right now we give them food and keep them from dying so the population is MUCH higher in those countries than they can naturally handle. When White countries fail being White these countries will end up having TENS OR HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people starve to death and kill each other.
        If this mother and family wants to honor there daughters memory they should learn about the true problems our RACE faces and inform others. People like me are the only people that care enough to point to what killed there daughter.

    • When? During the 60s, when Jewish-run mainstream media outlets were creating a false reality for a nation of naive, trusting white folks who thought Walter Cronkite was one of them, when in fact he was a commie sellout, just like the other white faces on the Jewish media. Far too cowardly and devoid of honor to attack openly, these are the means by which the Jew wages war against us.

  5. The fact of the matter is Saskia Burke was a reparations offender whose mother, Catherine, thought befriending blacks would make them exempt from paying their reparations. Another naive thought she had was that “befriending blacks would make her and her family “good” with Divine Racial Karma. It didn’t. And it won’t. Each of you devils should make a note to yourselves that NOTHING but justice with its interest accrued can help you.

  6. How did whites become so stupid and defective that they are not able to protect their beautiful children? Unbelieveable.

    Ask who controls information and all major institutions in America.
    Thought control got us here- thanks to “god’s chosen.”

  7. Black nationalism did not kill the beautiful girl. The “Chosen” did not kill her either. What killed her was irresponsible parents who put pandering and political correctness before the life of their children. Apparently, it is better to be dead than called “racist.”
    Well, the parents accomplished this. No one will say they were “racists.” They have proven themselves to be beyond race and color. Congratulations.
    In case it is not clear, no one else shares this sentiment; only dumb white people.

    Darwin award candidate. Whites headed for extinction.


    • You, anonymous, are an ignorant internet buffoon. Act like you have a brain.

      With folks like you leading the charge, defeat is all but certain.

      You would not say such things face-to-face- Not if there was a man present to teach you a lesson.

      Catherine, you have my sympathies, and my deepest apologies for people like this one.

      • What lesson do you teach, Hearthweru? Attacking thoughts appears to be your only weapon. Most comments on the site re-state my position and say it very well. If you really cared about the Burkes you would lose the misplaced “compassion” and led them to the clarity they need at this time in their lives.

    • Vermin – White naivete, kindness, and generosity have allowed ourselves to be conned by the Spawn of Satan. The JEW. and the JEW has used the Negro beasts as blunt weapons agasint the White Race. The JEW is throwing the Negro beasts they imported into their OWN ethnostate OUT.

      I’m sorry the Burkes have had to learn the hard way. But that’s the only way some people learn.

      One day we will throw off BOTH. Soon. The Golden Dawn is breaking…

    • Nobody shares your opinion because it is incorrect and short sighted. You blame political correctness on the death yet cannot see who/what is responsible for political correctness.

  8. Let me first be exactingly clear Mrs. Burke; I am not advocating any hint for committing a crime in this comment!
    I too have lost someone very special to my heart to murder. Unlike your situation, I am still waiting for the slack fucking cops to attach a name to this crime. I am this minute re-living my pain through your loss. Believe me when I say; you will bear this pain for the rest of your lives.
    Let me move forward to focus on your murderer, Simpson.
    Do not expect the system to provide you with any measure of justice. As you might guess, I discovered your grief on todays LA Times page on the Prop. 34 end the death penalty. Why will you receive no justice from the system but rather further insult? Because as a California taxpayer you and the millions of other taxpayers will wind up providing a relatively comfortable life for scum like Simpson. It’s a double insult put upon the survivors. We the people have a God given right to take the law into their own hands when this corporate commercial (ALL crimes in the fiction system are commercial in nature) system fails them.
    At this point I would introduce you to an age old solution/right. The Hebrews called it “go’el ha-dam”, or blood avenger. If I am correctly reading your grief and frustration you may be interested in this history: http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/2162-avenger-of-blood.
    Things happen in jails and prisons if you are following my inference. People are killed in custody for as little as $100 dollars, or for favors given to families of an incarcerated person.
    I feel I have said all that is necessary. Once your murderer hits death row it will become more difficult for another cash needy inmate to pass along any ‘messages’.
    Be careful, good luck and God bless your lost daughter and family. I will check these pages again or for new LAT’s posts.

    • It is a travesty to Victims and their Families, society’s misconception that we are seeking JUSTICE or REVENGE. As a VICTIM – and – the Mother of a MURDERED CHILD, those two things will NEVER be possible. WILLIAM GARY SIMPSON chose to throw his life away, when he came into our home to murder ALL OF US. He destroyed ALL OUR LIVES when he attacked us, and murderer our daughter – Saskia Savana Burke!

      THE ONLY THING that the Death Penalty sentence WILL do, is to return some sense of peace to my 14 year-old daughter. That’s all. But, that’s enough too. For you see, she heard her sister’s screams as she was being brutally and viciously stabbed to death. She stood on the stairs, at the tender age of 13, and watched in horror the bloody battle as Gary Simpson stabbed her daddy and a 17 year-old boy who was staying with us over Christmas break.

      We tell our children, monsters don’t exist. Except in Kessa’s case, she KNOWS THEY DO! And she lives in constant terror, each moment our murderer is alive. Kessa asked me, when California was trying to get rid of the Death Penalty, “what” the Death Penalty is – and “how” they would put Gary to death. I explained he would be put in a ‘special prison’, and that some day they would place him on a table and insert a needle into his arm. He would be given a drug that was not painful, but would stop his heart and he would die. At first, she was ANGRY that he would not suffer.

      Many weeks later, she came to me and asked if she could watch when they executed him. I told her yes. She pondered this for many days more. And then, my 13 year-old came to me again. “I need to see Gary die, momma. I need to know he is REALLY dead, and he isn’t going to hurt us anymore! I think I could sleep again, if I knew he was dead… Please momma, make sure we keep the Death Penalty, so I can stand behind the glass and watch Gary die.”

      The ONLY thing that can be gained from the destruction of our lives, is the chance for this young girl to build a brand new life. And what she needs, to do this, is to have her sense of safety and peace restored to her. This man, who came to annihilate her family simply because they loved each other – and he coveted that love, MADE HIS OWN CHOICE. He chose to throw his life away. And if Kessa needs to see Gary dead to rebuild HER LIFE – it’s the least society could give to her!

      I understand the fight that’s still ahead of us… Once Gary receives the DEATH PENALTY SENTENCE – we must then, change the laws for VICTIMS to ensure the sentence is carried forth swiftly. I hope I will have support and understanding in my effort to give my daughter what she NEEDS to survive. For I can’t begin to share with you what it is, to suffer through the nightmares each night with Kes. And I can offer her no comfort, while he’s alive…

  9. i’m not eve pure black.. I have white ancestor.. and stare at naked white women all day.. and ask white women out who dump me for blacker black guys…

  10. my friend got murdered for hitting on some 50 year old guys girlfriend.. it was on the news too he got burned to death.. it was reall.. F’d up due to the fact that I was gonna hang out with him and probably even have gay cex actually it’s probably my fault he got murdered because I told him to talk to older women and we would double team them but then also she wasn’t that much older.. like 2 years above us.. the guy was the one who was older…

  11. I kinda saw him as like.. one of the smart people and he just got killed and I was all like wtf.. what a waste.. he was the man..

  12. why dos some white guy always make fun of biracial black people.. when he wanna make fun of the whole race no it was funny.. that white black guy attacking the white black girl.. battle of sexes..

  13. um.. there are white people in my family and a guy called me the N word and I still didn’t kill him.. but he actually he went somewhere at work and said he was gonna kill everyone.. and got fired.. but he’s a quarter black I convince him that he was white.. is my fault.. told him to take advantage of how white he looks..

    • Advantage? White people are legally discriminated against while blacks get there own colleges, into other colleges with lower socres, get jobs due to skin color, get jobs with lower scores ect ect times 100. If you are White you have to accept those facts and shut up about it or you will lose the job you do have because you’ll be called “racist” and put up with the fact everything says you have it so good because your White. Give me a break.

  14. wait no wait.. this black guy killed her because she dumped him.. and had another boyfriend.. she says he was stabbing my husband and her boyfriend?? Meaning he got dumped and had to live with the person he got dumped by?? totally non racial

  15. well i’m black myself and I kind of edged on the trayvon incident.. because I”M colorist.. and call my own family members the n word.. to make myself feel like i’m white..

  16. Mrs Burke – if you are reading the words on this blog – I want to express my profoundest condolences, and deepest, deepest regret, on the heartbreaking and horrifying loss of your beautiful daughter Saskia. She was lovely. I cannot stand the thought of her loss.

    I will mourn her as I would one of my own kin.

    Please read my next words. Heed them and absorb them,

    She died for your sins. Her murder is the literal embodiment of the sins of the fathers (mothers) being visited upon the children.

    Please read on…..those are my worst words. The rest is a message of love for you.

    You thought you were being good and kind and moral by taking The Other in to your home. It’s not your fault, in many ways; the entire sick culture of the dying West revolves around conning people like you to “tolerate” EVERYTHING. Media is the Eye of Sauron – people like you usually only deal with non-Whites in carefully moderated settings. You rarely know what it’s like to live around the Orcs on a day to day basis. You and your family were so kind to the Nigger Beast you thought was human. (They are not. Negroes possess chimpanzee DNA. LOOK IT UP. Racial differneces are REAL and PROFOUND.) Negroes are wonderfully gifted mimics – they can utter human words that sound so convincing. Whites like do not understand that they are only saying a string of words that will get them immediate gratiification. You MUST understand that they have no real comprehension of the meaning and obligations involved inthe human workds they utter. They DON’T. They just utter words to get them stuff. You dog or cat is infinitely more cognizant and sincere and trustworthy, in their communiques of barks and meows, than your Garden Variety spook. Avod them at all costs. They will ALWAYS turn on you. No matter what you do. It’s not YOU – it’s what they are. Violent beasts. You don’t know any “good ones” – you only know dormant ones.

    You have learned an eternal, implacable, and terrible lesson, in the worst way imaginable. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE absorb this lesson, so that Saskia did not die in vain. PLEASE become Racially Awake. You skin is your uniform. You may hate this idea now, because “the evils of racism” FOR Whites has been relentlessly pounded into your head, almost every waking moment. Racism for non-Whites is celebrated and rewarded. You must acclimate to the reality that racism is NORMAL, HEALTHY, SANE, and thus very very good. Are you aware of global White population numbers? We are literaly vanishing from Time. Mrs Burke – devoted, loving, vigilant racism WILL KEEP YOU ALIVE. You will soon learn to love racism, You will understand the Race is ALL.

    Please tell every White you know to BE a Racist. Racism means you love your own kind, and wil work to care for your own kind. I don’t hate non-Whites. I have non-White friends, who know all about my beliefs. They respect me more because I tell the truth.

    I am lucky. My family and I learned very early on that the Other was not good for us. We leanred at very young ages. We know how to handle ourselves. We know what to do. All the youngsters in my extended family are vigourously taught how to navigate in a deadly “multi-culti” landscape – and they are teaching their young friends.

    Please please PLEASE honor Saskia by doing everything in your power to protect other Whites form her dreadful Fate. I love you, and Saskia, and your other loved ones, Mrs. Burke. I will pray for her, and for you. The 14 Words, Mrs Burke. The 14 Words are Sacred.

  17. bahahahahaha..thats some funny ass shiznit right there..you bunch of crazy crackers…as an Aussie getting a glimpse into your delusional world i have to say I’m laughing my guts out thinking about how much you all must love your sexy black prseident…lol..lol

  18. My heart is broken for you. I do not know you, but who can not be enraged by such evil done to kind and loving family. I know my works on the internet are just words, but I hope you can find solace in knowing that there are thousands out here who know of these outrages, despite the media coverup and are fighting to stop them everyday. We are grim eyed and fell of face, seeing this horror unfold, seeing our land defiled and the uncaring taunts of the enemy. There is not a red blooded man who wishes he was not there in the moments before this crime who could not have shot this Orc down and saved your daughters.
    When you are ready, Consider Coming Home.
    NorthWest Front.org

  19. So was she stabbed or was she shot?! Cause the mother wasn’t sure if she took a fun or a knife from the suspect ?! Wake up people this is the fakest shit I’ve ever heard if you just got into an altercation and battles to try and save your families life from a man on a killing rampage who just stabbed or shot your daughter to death do you think you would have time to do an interview I would not be able to talk let alone give a full question and answer

  20. Any white person who allows a dirty nigger into their house is destined to be stabbed to death. If you had been a “white racist,” your daughter would still be alive.

  21. This has got to be one of the funniest comment pages. I just randomly came upon it looking up info on mobsters. To all you bigots, I relish in the idea that your world is gone forever. Enjoy your everyday anger as the world continues to move on without you.

    • Funny how you nigger loving liberals never comment on the “bigotry or anger” expressed when these feral savages rape or murder whites.
      You’re worse than blacks since you enable and coddle them.

  22. you are all ignorant beings. both you who are blaming blacks and blaming whites. this crime was an act of racial hate but that does not make the family bad for believing in the good of people. Since when does being good and kind-hearted be a bad thing? I’m a 100% black woman from Compton and Saskia had been my best friend for over 11 years. Never did she say anything remotely racial. She didn’t care about your race, she cared about your heart. Neither of us is stupid for caring about the other. However you all, both black and white need to spend more time being on your knees and praying to God to save you before you all end up in hell together. And I hate to tell you but there isn’t any segregation in hell. Gary was wrong! Saskia wasn’t perfect but she was the closest thing I knew to it! She didn’t deserve this. Black or white he will pay! And my Saskia is dearly missed! ❤

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