Another Sad Mom & Another Killed White Child: If I had a Daughter, she’d look like Autumn

Below is a dispicable justification of black on white crime by the Ghettobraggingrightsmagazine that places the blame on the (white) victims:

“There is an epidemic of underage white devil temptresses sweeping the nation,” says GBR Street Investigator Streets Cousins. “I’ve conducted these investigations for three years, now. The occurrence has reached an all time high.

“More & more white girls all across this nation think it’s cool to be what they call: Channon Christianed.”

“As these beasts sexually mature earlier than anybody else, their evil minds become obsessed with perverse sexuality and they use their bodies to get what their minds want: black males. They will do anything for us.

“The blond and freckle face red hair Midwest devils are the most wicked of them all as they are the most deceptive looking but they are all pretty much all Daughters of The Devil.”

Cousins says it’s not unusual to hear reports about these whyte girls in sex acts on school property such as: classrooms, stairwells or even on rooftops.

QUOTE:  “Whites have been given over to the reprobation of their own minds.  We now know that with the increasing levels of Ultraviolet Light entering our atmosphere through the Ozone layer the more dangerous, psychotic and perverse  they will become,” says Yakub Muslim scientist Yacub 12 X. “Ultraviolet light not only destroys their skin, it is further corroding their already depraved reasoning faculties. Ultimately tt is making it increasing difficult for them to choose between their normal deprivations and the increased levels of perversion we are seeing in this. This is another reason we issued and continue to support the National Curfew for Whites.”

It appears that the more these beasts get abused the more they beg to come back for more of the same. They are fierce and the skinniest ones say they want to be stretched the most.

“These whyte demons are starting younger and younger these days it seems. They mature early, present themselves of age, get twisted early and seem to like pretending to be ‘victimized’.

“Their parents feed them lots of grains, red meat & wheat so that their bodies mature so and they can be deceitful in their appearance.”


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