For the headline reading, 7 Year Old Kyleigh Crane & 18-year-old Saskia Burke: Did They Deserve It? According to Universal Race Karma, Not Only Yes, But (Perhaps) More; The Laws of Divine Universal Race Karma & The White Man: What If God Wants to Use You to Fulfill His Vengeance Against a Devil?

I knew Saskia very well more than most people. She did not deserve what happened! She was a smart beautiful and talented girl. Saskia was here for everyone! What William Gary Simpson did was monstrous. As the bible says, “he sined and betrayed god! ” How DARE you say someone deserved something! You can’t say that unless you actually know! It’s disrespectful to everyone that person knew and especially disrespectful to her family. So, do us all a favor & shut the fuck up! (Link)


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