William Gary Simpson pleads guilty to Dec. 20, 2011 killing of 18-year-old teen Saskia Burke!

A one-time family friend who stabbed a teen to death in a bloody melee involving knives and a samurai sword in Murrieta pleaded guilty to first-degree murder Friday and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. William Gary Simpson Jr., 22, had been facing the death penalty in the Dec. 20, […]

Some good news at last! Proposition 34: Death penalty repeal fails! Gas chamber or electric chair still on table for killer William Simpson!

The defeat of Proposition 34  is good news for those of us all around the nation who are pulling for Catherine Burke and her family to get justice in vicious slaying of  their 18 year old daughter Saskia.  It means that the death penalty is still on the table for her  19 year old killer, […]

The DA Mr. Smith said: “(Simpson) went into the home to kill those people,” Smith said. “Paul Burke and Connor McCormack are not dead because they had the strength to fight back.” Saskia Burke did not have a chance, Smith said. “(Simpson) slaughters her,” Smith said. “He stabbed her in the face, in the heart, in the back.”

And so, I now take a firm stance in this matter, FOR THE DEATH PENALTY! PLEASE Vote NO on Proposition 34! In this election year, the DEATH PENALTY will be on the ballot. Our CA Governor, Jerry Brown, opposes the Death Penalty. I need your help to make Saskia the face for all victims, and […]